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Welcome to the Caring Hands United Employees’ Area. We place the highest value on professionals like you, because we know you are our most precious assets to ensure quality client care. Our dedication does not end when you join the Caring Hands Team. YOU make your schedule, and we will accommodate you. As a Caring Hands professional, you’ll find that we make a habit of finding home care cases close to your home and find you specialty assignments to match your age and personality profile. We don’t wait for the phone to ring, instead we market your talents to assure that the assignments are challenging and rewarding. Note: Some links may require you to temporarily disable your Pop-Up Blocker.

It is our skilled and dedicated employees and their ability to deliver a great customer experience that distinguishes us from our competitors and makes Caring Hands United great.

Prospective Employees

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The most frequently available position at Caring Hands United is for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). Office and skilled nursing service positions become available once in a while, so interested applicants should continue to monitor our job listings. Click here to view job listings.
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Click here to learn how to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the State of Georgia.

Current Employees

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Caring Hands United holds regular inservices for nursing staff. Learn about online videos and resources.